Aluminum Bag Tag - Hands off my Luggage
Aluminum Bag Tag - Hands off my Luggage

Aluminum Bag Tag - Hands off my Luggage

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This stylish aluminum bag tag is the perfect gift for your traveling friends. It features a popular design, perfect for those summer vacations. Great for keeping track of your luggage and showing the world your unique sense of style.

Add some of your personality to your travel bags with Bluntcard bag tags.

Made of aluminum. 2.5" x 4.00"

Great way to identify your bag on the luggage carousel. Note: Baggage handlers can be rough. If you're worried about your tag becoming banged up it's suggested Bluntcard bag tags be used for your carry on luggage, laptop bags, etc.

Great for your golf bag, too!

Nine inch black, luggage tag loop included.

These make a great gift.

Hands off my luggage, bitch.

Made in the United States.