Coaster-Fucktastrophe-Imperfect Product

Coaster-Fucktastrophe-Imperfect Product

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Right edge has white line where printing missed the coaster.

Printing wheel caused tiny black dots.

This is a pressed wood coaster with a glossy finish.

This coaster has a slight imperfection caused during manufacturing. It might be slightly different in color than other coasters of the same color. So, if you buy more than one of the same they might be different in hue. There may be small area/areas of missing of lightened color. Pizza wheel marks are tiny dots caused during printing that are slight but not perfect enough for full retail. Printing might be too close to the edge or tilted, etc.

Just slight imperfections and flaws that make them not suitable for full retail price.

Is FUCKTASTROPHE a word because I think it could be useful.